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I’m Tony Wilson, a writer, broadcaster and filmmaker from Melbourne.

I’ve been in the media and writing worlds for twenty five years now, since I gave up life as solicitor to be part of a documentary travel show called Race Around the World.

Since then I’ve been a TV presenter, a radio presenter, a podcaster, a children’s book author, a satirical novelist, a sports memoirist, a sports historian, an MC and keynote speaker, a political speechwriter, a screenwriter for kids animations, a documentary filmmaker, a Speakola creator and a dad to four kids.

‘Good one, Wilson!’ is a way of sharing thoughts and experiences and words with fellow travellers. I’m likely to write or share audio about sport, family, parenting, disability, writing, and other stuff that I might once have sent to the newspapers or magazines.

It’s a new media landscape.

Social media is demoralising and awful. Traditional media is parochial and skint.

I’m hoping you’ll join me here for an email or two a week. Because I’m a professional writer, if you’re enjoying my work, I’m hoping you’ll choose to pay for it.

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We’re the only newsletter in any way inspired by a Jilla Mints ad from the early 2000s.

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Tony Wilson writing about Tony Wilson things (sport, people, parenting, life)


I have two substacks, one is Speakola newsletter and is about great speeches, famous and otherwise. The other is Good one, Wilson! which is about my life — sport, parenting, Melbourne, being a writer, my son's cerebral palsy, and more!